History of Lemco Précision SA


Lemco Precision SA celebrates its 50 years.


Merger of the two sister companies Ultra-Précision SA and Lemco SA in order to optimize the organization and effectiveness of the group. The new amalgamated company takes the name of Lemco Précision SA in Vionnaz.

The merger also allows a regrouping of the machines by branch of industry on the two sites of the company (the group has 500 machines), as well as a harmonization of the processes.

The group employs approximately 190 personnel at both sites of Vionnaz and Monthey, in Valais, Switzerland.

2010 Setting-up a subsidiary, Swiss Interconnect Inc, in California, USA. Development of commercial and engineering activities
2008 In September, Swiss Interconnect Holding SA, a holding company of Ultra-Précision SA in Monthey, acquired Lemco SA in Vionnaz in order to reinforce its position on the market of the machining of high-precision contacts
1976 Setting-up of the company Lemco SA in Aigle in Switzerland then moving to Vionnaz in Switzerland with successive enlargements from 1979 to 1993
1965 Setting-up of the company Ultra-Précision SA in Monthey in Switzerland